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Beware Of Signing Contracts

I believe the law states that if a contract is not reasonable it should not be enforceable. A member of our team was recently asked to appear in court as...

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New Agents in New Locations

Here at ISO Certification Services we are delighted to announce new agents in new locations! In recent weeks we have been busy making updates to our website, developing unique pages...

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Measuring Your Water Footprint

So, what does it mean to “measure your water footprint”? In today’s environmentally conscious world, we know; every drop of water counts! The ISO 14046 is a standard to measure...

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Back to work!

When I was a child I was very fortunate, my parents used to take me, my brother and my sister on holidays annually to what then seemed to be far...

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Updates to ISO 14001

Did you know ISO 14001 is the most popular standard for environmental management? Also, did you know ISO 14001 has been under review, with a final draft expected in early...

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Updates to ISO 9001

Did you know that all ISO standards are reviewed every five years – This exercise is carried out to establish if an ISO revision is required to keep the ISO...

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Customer Feedback

Receiving positive customer feedback is very important to us – We believe in putting our customers first and delivering a quality service day in day out. On that note; I...

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Good Communication

Good communication is one of the many reasons why ISO Certification Services has grown as a company in recent years – It is something we actively try to do better,...

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Beware Fake ISO Standards Certificates

An ISO Standards certificate is a valuable asset to most companies, and should only be available to those who have earned the right to display it. Justly acquired, it should...

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