A hand holding guide to Standards compliance
with accredited certifications:

  • We are a team of Standards Compliance auditors, all with previous management experience in a number of fields.
    Together with our global partners, we have the skills and qualifications to carry out accredited audits to assist you in gaining the certifications to ensure your product or service can become a global brand…

The Competitive Edge for Your Business,
at very competitive Prices,
plus FREE Ongoing Online Support!

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ISO Standards Certification - whatever your needs:
Quality Management, Environmental Management, Health & Safety Management
Business Continuity Management, Information Security Management, Food Safety Management, and many more...

...Accredited certification using a low cost user friendly approach, with ongoing support to ensure requirements are in place - and in use!
...A support company and an accredited certification company both working with you for strong compliance - from setup to certification and beyond!

...When your potential customers are looking for a new supplier, who would they choose?

a). A supplier picked at random?
b). A supplier with globally recognised standards, issued by a reputable standards certification company - one that knows what’s expected of you and has a proven track record in ensuring you meet those standards!

As a longstanding ISO Standards support company, IS Certification Services Ltd have assisted businesses of all sizes to gain certification for a wide range of ISO and other globally recognised standards.

With this experience, we can take you from initial advice and training through, alongside an accredited audit company, to completed certification - ensuring your business keeps ahead of the competition, whether for local or global contracts!

Advice & Training + Support + Documentation + Management + Compliance =
Buyer Confidence + New Contracts!

Plus, in these difficult trading times, where visited audits are discouraged, we’ve put in place alternative methods to help with the auditing process:

• Self completion spreadsheet audit reports - backed up by requested online evidence
• Zoom online meetings
• Microsoft Teams meetings

By supporting safe audits, and with home working becoming popular for many industries, these methods provide a positive, cost effective way forward.

For details on how we can help with Remote Audits click here

IS Certification Services Ltd use a wide range of experienced auditors, specialising in many global standards. Providing a ‘down to earth’ approach to compliance, we are happy to give added support when you need it.

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ISO Certification for your Business

Key Benefits

IS Certification Services deliver an affordable quality service for a wide range of ISO Standards - from professional guidance to accredited certification and, most importantly, continuing support - a friendly and helpful approach, whatever your ISO Standards requirements.

IS Certification offers your company the benefits of improved quality (through ISO 9001 certification), financial performance, increased productivity, increased 'green' credentials (through ISO 14001 certification) and greater staff satisfaction and motivation.

Certification uses defined processes that can help drive efficiency and quality improvements whilst assessing and mitigating potential risks – both to the business and its staff. The Internationally recognised standards inspire confidence and ensure credibility within all market segments.

We have auditors located across the UK, Europe, North America, Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan – we also have remote audit options in many other Countries. Send us an e-mail to let us know your location and we will give you the best price and option available.

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