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Updates to ISO 14001

Did you know ISO 14001 is the most popular standard for environmental management? Also, did you know ISO 14001 has been under review, with a final draft expected in early 2015!


Considering the first version of ISO 14001 was published back in 2004, so much has happened within the last 10 years! People’s opinions and environmental studies have evolved, we are now far more aware of the environment and our impact (as a businesses or individuals) on it.

The ISO environmental committees have been looked at this standard for a couple of years now, typically it will take three or more years for a standard like ISO 14001 to be assessed and rewritten. It is no small task!

When it comes to ISO 14001, the overall goal will still be to reduce a company’s environmental footprint and any waste it produces, this will not change. If you are a company with ISO 14001 already in place then you do not need to worry about these amendments just yet, only when the new ISO 14001 standard has been published and the requirements are know should you look to integrate them – We will be here to help you along the way.

If you would like to find out more about changes to the ISO 14001 standard then please get in touch – You can call our head office on +44 (0)12 1655 1000 or email us at

26 July 2014

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