A Guide to ISO Certification

IS Certification Services aim to make ISO or other compliance certification as simple as possible for you to achieve. With clarity, transparency, and support in mind, we have put together a page that explains the ISO Certification process. Please feel free to contact us or visit our FAQs page.


Choosing a Standard

Please decide which standard or standards you require. You can opt to do more than the one if you wish. Once you know which standard(s) you/your company require, please visit our “Get A Quote” application form. This form relays important data to our auditors.

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The Setup Process

ISC will review your online application and assess suitability. A member of our team will respond to discuss your ISO Certification requirements and costing. If you choose to proceed with your ISC enquiry then an initial setup fee will become payable.

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Your Assessment

With an agreement in place and setup fee paid, the next step is to gather information on you/your company, helping identify areas of non-compliance. With this assessment completed, a list of recommend improvements is drafted, helping you/your company become compliant for the standard(s) you have chosen.

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Documents & Tasks

You will be provided with the relevant documentation and set tasks for you to complete based on your assessment. These documents/tasks will be required by the Standard(s) you have selected. You must complete and return any audit questionnaire and/or scanned copies of requested documents in order to proceed.

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Your Certificate(s)

Prior to receiving your certificate(s) an accredited auditor will likely assess all completed reports and supporting documentation. If you/your company has passed then a certificate is issued. If you/your company needs to make changes then ISC will be on hand to advise you on what steps are needed to be certified. ISC offers free email guidance if a customer doesn’t pass their audit.

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Maintaining Compliance

Within one year of obtaining your certificate you will need to apply for a re-assesment audit. Any documentation and/or processes that have been sent will help you/your company maintain compliance. Here at ISC we work closely with a number of compliance auditors and accreditation bodies across the globe. This means we can support and help maintain compliance.

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