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Customer Satisfaction

The Importance of Feedback & Customer Satisfaction

We may believe we are doing a great job for our customers BUT the important question is, Do THEY think we are doing a good job for them. You might think if they keep coming back, we must be doing it right, but maybe it could be that they are too lazy to change, or no one in the company has an alternative suggestion.

One answer is customer questionnaires, that is if the customer can be bothered to complete and return them. The REAL ANSWER is to ask them face to face, How can we improve our service? What can we do to improve our product? Do your customers recommend your services to others?

Customer Feedback Matters

The answer is getting feedback, good or bad, it all helps to up your game and get you noticed.

Another way to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction is to lower your prices, but perhaps if you are giving good service that shouldn’t be necessary. Happy customers don’t only look at price, they look at service and quality.

Who can independently judge your service? ISO Standards can, all by judging your company against laid down guidelines and the resulting award of accredited certification in your field, so that others can decide whether your company meets their needs.

We are here to help…

Can you achieve ISO certification remotely? How long does ISO certification take to achieve? Which ISO Certification should you choose? These are just some of the questions our team of qualified auditors and ISO consultants get asked. Why not visit our FAQs page for more.

Should you require any help obtaining standards such as: ISO 9001 Quality Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Standard, ISO 45001 Health & Safety Standard, ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, ISO 27701 Security Techniques Standard, ISO 22000 Food Safety Standard, ISO 17100 Translation Services Standard and more, then please contact us today!

15 August 2022

Have a question about ISO Certification?

Why not speak to a qualified auditor about your ISO Certification requirements, or visit our ISO Certification FAQ’s page