The infuriation of optimising a website

For anyone who has a website, they will know how infuriating it can be to get on top of the ‘Big G’ search engine for certain keywords. It doesn’t matter what your site looks like. You can have a site that is all singing and all dancing, but still you are nowhere to be found on that first page!

For years we were ranked on the top page for ‘ISO Certification’. For a very competitive industry, this paid off in dividends. However for one reason or another, we have disappeared and are now somewhere in the abyss of all the other hundreds of millions of websites.

It’s not through lack of trying either. We have tried so many different ways to optimise the site, but for the moment we are stuck in limbo land. So where do we go from here? Well we are trying to do the ‘right’ things that are so commonly mentioned in the SEO world. We try to blog as much as we can, we have a Twitter account and we try to update our site regularly. Maybe this isn’t enough, or maybe it is…

When I search ‘ISO Certification’, Google tells me that there are about 112 000 000 results, so is it any wonder that we are nowhere near page one!?! All I can say is, thank goodness we are not competing for the word ‘Pizza’ which has 683 000 000 results.

However we have been number one before, so of course it is possible and can be done again!