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The Importance of Communication

Communication is one of the single most important elements of success for business and is crucial for compliance to all Standards.

Many years ago Professor Stephen Hawking appeared in a TV advertisement and, at that time, our Lead Auditor had business dealings with the President of a small African country.

He had told the President that his communication was so poor that he doubted the President would remain in power for more than 6 months, explaining that if he didn’t communicate effectively with the people of his country they would most likely think the worst, not the best, and so would inevitably imagine worst case scenarios.

Around that time Stephen Hawking appeared in that ‘Communication’ TV advert and it would have been invaluable to show to the then president! Unfortunately it wasn’t available – and the Presidency actually lasted less than 3 months more!

Thankfully for us it is now freely available – enjoy: 

10 April 2018

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