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The Countdown is on

September is fast approaching, and with it comes the launch of the latest ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, both amongst the most popularly requested Standards throughout the world, and both being “Must Have’s” for a significant amount of companies in their search for increased market share.

Although there is no need to panic, as there will be a significant amount of time allowed to transfer from old to new, there will be a significant amount of rivalry to get there first and thus show prospective customers that you were on the ball before your competitors. If you fall in to this category, you had best get yourself in gear ready for the off! There will be many thousands of companies wanting to be ahead of the game, and not so many consultants to get them all up to speed, as well as not enough accredited Audit Bodies to offer them all certification in the initial months.

Documentation changes will need to be made, Manuals updated or re-written, compliant Audit reports prepared, training to be carried out so that staff know what will be expected of them under the new requirements.


Don’t leave it too long, you may miss out on the first wave! The starting flag has been raised, not a good time to stall.

At ISO Certification Services we are ready and waiting, we are preparing from the tips we have received, our Auditors are ready to prepare latest version audit reports, certificates have been re-designed to ensure their authenticity can easily be checked on the web, and, as always, we continue with ongoing support at no extra cost.

Give us a call, or better still, ISO Certification Quote to tell us about what you do and how you do it, don’t forget to tell us where you are based…

25 August 2015

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