Summer holidays are coming up!

So enjoy your time off and come back feeling refreshed and ready to resume work. While you’re off, don’t forget to think about health and safety – sun protection and the risk assessment of swimming in shark infested waters, and the environment – take everything you brought away with you, take away nothing that you didn’t bring or buy. But apart from that, reward yourselves good quality time and forget the stresses of normal daily life.

The British Isles has a wonderfully equitable climate, never extremely hot or extremely cold, on the other hand we have lots of different types of weather, sometimes all in the same day! However, it does give us the perfect topic of conversation when meeting people for the first time, and of course it is an endless reason for complaint. Unfortunately, this is a one-way process as we will never really be able to change the weather, but we can stop it from becoming extreme if we consider how we can alter our carbon footprint to protect the environment.