Setting High Standards

Congratulations to Jennifer, Commiserations to Paramount Packaging Ltd

Being the Standards Manager of a busy global operations company is hard enough, especially when the company prides itself on high quality compliance to such standards as ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and ISO 22301 Business Continuity, but when you add taking time out to have a baby (named Mia) we have to salute Jennifer’s strength and determination. We are keen to find out whether Paramount had a computer installed in the Maternity ward!

Paramount Packaging Ltd operates from the town of Arklow in County Wicklow, Ireland, from there they purchase standard and specialist packaging and other merchandise from overseas markets around the world, having their own team of Quality Auditors to ensure the right goods are delivered at the right time.

We, as Paramount Packaging’s ISO Standards Auditors have followed this trail, visiting the company’s auditors and watching them at work in places such as China to check that the selected suppliers can deliver as promised and that the product is of robust quality before commitment to purchase is made.

It takes a good team to meet the expectations of Jennifer, and I’m sure Mia soon too. Meanwhile, Paramount is having to share Jennifer with her new family, but I’m informed there is still a good control in place over the company’s standards, as there always has been.

We look forward to Jennifer’s return to full time work – with additional crib if necessary.