Online ISO Standards Certification

We have been aware for some time that it is not always possible for companies, specifically those outside Europe, to bear the cost of a formal external certification audit due to auditor travel costs etc. but there was little that we could do to assist although we do have professional auditors based around the world.


An alternative offered through seemed to meet the needs of these customers where gaining accredited UK certification was not practical due to the cost of getting an auditor to site to carry out the external audit as required currently. offers an inexpensive way of keeping certification costs to a minimum through a fully online service, carried out by e-mail. Their documents, provided online, are compliant and the subsequent online audit is thorough, all work being carried out by qualified auditors.

We can now announce that IS Certification Services/IQS have now established firm links with to offer both formal and online certification to the many ISO Standards in effect today. This means that IS Certification Services/IQS will continue to operate as before offering competitive fees for set up and accredited certification backed by our second to none client support, by phone, email and visit. Certifications gained this way will be registered at our certificate authenticity and at the International Register of Quality Assessed Organisations,, should anyone wish to check the authenticity of certification.

However those companies certified through can now be registered at, again to enable a check to be made. will continue to support those outside Europe with low cost certification, monitored by professionally trained auditors, now with an option to have the details of certification placed on an international register where anyone can check to confirm that it is genuine. They will continue to benefit from online support through a team of experienced trained auditors when they need assistance or guidance.

Don’t forget that you can also request ASCB(E) accredited certification using one of our UK or overseas based professional auditors, located in several countries around the world. For details of these services please contact us today!