Online Audit Options

Over the last couple of years, due to the need to isolate, and having customers that needed to be compliant to International Standards, we have created a sensible means of auditing companies to ensure they are working in line with the needs of their chosen standards.

Our company, and partners, have been carrying out audits in many regions of the world for a number of years by visiting customers and ensuring they meet the requirements of their standards.

Based on those skills, and using the backgrounds of our auditors in their previous working managerial lives, we have developed self completion audit reports which, once completed, give our auditors the opportunity to ask questions about the answers they have given, plus including the use or latest technologies including MS Teams and Zoom, can have the visual tour experience that a visited audit affords.

The advantages are obvious:

Lower contamination / emissions from travel to affect our climate.
Lower prices for our customers.
More freedom of time allotment to carry out the audits.
Less likelihood of delays to allotted times due to transport delays.
Electronic transfer of documentation to backup answers given with no need for printing or the creation of paper.

ISO Certification FAQs

Can you achieve ISO certification remotely? How long does ISO certification take to achieve? Which ISO Certification should you choose? These are just some of the questions our team of qualified auditors and ISO consultants get asked. Why not visit our FAQs page for more…