ISO Standards Certification – how does it work?


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ISO Standards Consultancy

At the initial stage, IS Certification Services have the option of combining their operations with IQS – an independent consultancy. In such instances, IS Certification Services then nominate IQS to carry out a gap analysis at the client’s site, this will determine what is required in order to be compliant with the nominated Standards.

The resultant gap analysis report establishes the client’s requirements, with regard to documentation, systems and processes, before certification can be achieved.

To ensure compliance IS Certification Services, using the gap analysis report, takes responsibility with the client for meeting these requirements. The client is made fully aware, with the aid of supporting documentation and records, of the need for all the procedures and processes to be operational and fully maintained.

A copy of the final documentation is provided to IQS for a Stage 1 Review and approval or amendment, as appropriate. This Stage 1 audit is the precursor to the certification audit.

Once both IS Certification Services and IQS are satisfied that the client can meet the requirements of the Standard(s) involved, an IQS auditor will carry out a Stage 2, onsite certification audit.

Auditing and the ISO Standards Process:

All Stage 2 onsite audits are carried out by qualified IQS auditors who pass the completed report to our Head Office.

One of our ‘in-house’ auditors then reviews this to confirm the findings and recommendations noted on the report by the onsite auditor, or to request for clarification if necessary.  It is this ‘in house’ auditor who determines whether certification is appropriate and, if so, will recommend to the Principal Auditor who gives final approval for certification.

The Principal Auditor will then authorise the issue of the certificate and its registration. To ensure full security, the creation of the certificate requires pass codes known to the three members of our senior management team. They are accountable to the Accreditation Body who themselves carry out audits on IQS, usually without prior notice.

IS Certification services have qualified auditors based and operating in many countries but they are all subject to this same system, thus maintaining a proper and uniform method of certification. On some occasions, one of our UK based auditing team will accompany an overseas auditor on their site audits, to ensure consistency of approach and auditing standards.

We now have a considerable knowledge base that enables us to have the Scope and Competency to audit a wide range of Standards in both large and small companies around the world.