IS Certification Services Charity Discount

We at IS Certification Services have continued to enjoy substantial growth during recent years and feel privileged to report such success, especially given the tough economic climate. The worldwide recession continues however to impact on businesses at all levels, among those hardest hit being charities who are dependant on the on-going support of government, the public and us who are in successful businesses.

We want to give something back from our success and therefore we are going to offer a discounted rate to those charities who wish to benefit from holding ISO Standards. An ISO Standard certification will help streamline working practices, enabling everyone to have a clear, straightforward approach to their work role, making their jobs easier, helping to avoid misunderstandings and eliminate errors. When everything is properly documented, accuracy and motivation are greatly improved at all levels and a significant saving in both time and money is gained.

There are ISO Standards available to cover many vital areas of charitable organisation’s work, including quality, environmental , health and safety, business continuity management and information security. They are internationally recognised and will enhance the standing and reputation of any charity holding them.

If you feel this offer would assist your charity then pleaseĀ contact us. You will find we are a user friendly company with no sales staff, just straight talking professionals in our field.