ISO Standards Certificate Authenticity

I am sure you would agree that an ISO Standard is a valuable asset to most companies, and should only be available to those who have earned the right to display it…

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Big companies, government bodies, new customers, they will often request proof of an ISO certificate from a new supplier. If you have an ISO Standard certificate in place then you should display it with pride!

It is not uncommon when evaluating a new supplier to request a copy of the ISO Standard certificate itself. If a supplier is certified then they will not have a problem providing a copy of their certificate. It is then down to the potential customer to check if there ISO Standard certificate is authentic.

Taking into consideration the above, we have some great news for our IS Certification Services customers. Earlier this week we setup certificate authenticity, a free online tool that allows your customers to check if a certificate issued by us is in fact valid.

When it comes to checking if an ISO Standard certificate is real, most people will look for the name of the accreditation body and contact them direct. By having an ISO Standard Certificate Authenticity tool online, available 24/7, we hope this will speed up the certificate authenticity process and make life a little easier for all.

If there is no official stamp from an accreditation body on your ISO Standard certificate then you should be very wary – Even if there is a stamp, please be sure to check its authenticity. Also, remember to double-check a certificate expiry date. If a certificate has expired then you should be asking the company why. Finally, it is worth noting that some registrars are simply better than others, the quality of a registrar will reflect the quality (real value) of a certificate. Not all registrars will conform to the same audit standards and principles; it is therefor advised to check both the certificate and company that issued it. Not checking the authenticity of a certificate can cost you time and money in the long run…

If you have any questions about ISO Standard certification then please do not hesitate to contact us, our qualified team of experts would be delighted to assist.