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Introducing ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems

Is your organisation looking for ways to save money and conserve resources, while contributing to positively tackling climate change?

ISO 50001 effectively supports companies in all sectors, enabling them to use energy with increased efficiency, designing targets to ensure this objective is met.

Planning and implementing energy policies that make the best use of resources while exploring best practice when it comes to buying energy services, products and equipment is key to this process.

Being able to better understand how your organisation uses energy enables you to deploy resources more effectively, while evaluation of such processes enable you to measure the results and review how well the policy is working.

With the focus squarely on continual improvement of energy management, ISO 50001 offers clear advantages, enabling organisations to make the most of energy technology at the same time as reducing energy consumption and conserving energy.

Standard ISO 50001 enables organisations to develop a good understanding of internationally recognised best practice energy management, to enhance and improve their reputation.

12 April 2013

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