How Reliable is your Supplier’s Certification?

How Reliable Is Your Certification? How Reliable is your Supplier’s Certification?

All certifications issued by our partner company IQS Audits are verifiable. Each certificate shows a web address and QR code, either of which can be used to visit the IQS website register, then by entering either the company name shown on the certificate or the certificate registration number a clicking on the “submit tab” a response will show the name of the company that holds the certificate, the location of the company, the standard for which it was issued, the certification body name, the accreditation body name, and the certification expiry date, all information that should match the data shown on the certificate, if it doesn’t, a line of text will appear advising you to contact IQS for verification.

The QR code reader is available free of charge for all smart phones from the appropriate apps store. The web site is “mobile friendly. The information can be checked from anywhere in the world where web access is available. Does your certification offer your customers this assurance?

Be safe, know that the certification you are trusting in can be trusted, and that the company has been audited by an independent body…

25 July 2015

Have a question about ISO Certification?

Why not speak to a qualified auditor about your ISO Certification requirements, or visit our ISO Certification FAQ’s page

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