How many ISO Standards are there?

The simple answer to this question is that there are hundreds of them. We only have a small selection on our website, however there are standards that cover all corners of every industry.


As well as the popular standards including 9001 quality management and 14001 environmental, other standards cover things like date and time format, and currency codes. Just these two examples alone, illustrate how something so simple can require specific guidelines.

The ISO 8601 standard for date and time format, looks at how dates are interpreted. For example if we see 25/12/2015, we all interpret that as 25th December 2015. However if we look at 06/09/15, some of us will read the 6th September 2015, whilst others will read the 9th June 2015. Both professionally and personally, this confusion with dates can be very inconvenient, confusing and costly. This standard therefore addresses this issue, and lays out guidelines on how to specifically write dates. YYYY-MM-DD

Other standards also cover day to day activities that affect us all, including cinematography, shoes sizes, thermal insulation and textiles.

If there is a standard that you are specifically looking for, and it is not on our site, please do contact us anyway and we will be very happy to help.