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How far away are you from compliance?

We all know that the most ‘popular’ standard that businesses have, or wish to obtain is ISO 9001. It’s all about quality, and aims to include increased productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, organisations image and potential for increased marketing and sales opportunities. With all these factors in mind, surely the benefits all point to getting 9001 certification?


Obtaining certification is a compound of different factors. It isn’t just one thing that determines your compliance, or something that you can ‘buy off the shelf.’ It is a mesh of many different variables, and implementation of the standard can take time. With all this in mind however, you may be closer to compliance than you think. Do you have good communication both internally and externally? Do you have staff training records in place? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then congratulations you have fulfilled some of the certification requirements.

If you have always wondered how far away from compliance you are, then fill in our ISO 9001 requirement form, which will generate a result showing what percentage you are away from full compliance. It only takes a few minutes, and your results will be sent straight to your inbox. You may be surprised by the results!

13 July 2015

Have a question about ISO Certification?

Why not speak to a qualified auditor about your ISO Certification requirements, or visit our ISO Certification FAQ’s page