Good Communication

Good communication is one of the many reasons why ISO Certification Services has grown as a company in recent years – It is something we actively try to do better, develop and improve within our business. Better communication often means happier clients…


Did you know we have new VoIP telephone system setup at our offices; this was installed just last month! VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) is a phone service over the Internet – Our current setup gives us ten phone lines each able to take three calls at a time, and we will also be adding a Chinese number which will ring both at our office here in the UK and our office in China! This also means UK staff will be able to communicate with Lucy (our office manager in China) as though it was an extension for free, and vice versa.

As someone who has been in business for a number of years I would say; don’t underestimate the importance of good communication. If you can put in place procedures or systems such as a VoIP to help staff and clients communicate better then this is a good thing.

I believe VoIP will benefit our business, delivering increased productivity, remote conferencing, cheaper calls and improved communication with our offices overseas.