Global ISO Standards Services

As IS Certification Services increases its presence around the world, offering assistance through to certification for many ISO and other international standards, it makes sense to make full use of the skills available to us through the expertise of our trained staff.

We now have available the facilities to offer both second party inspections of potential suppliers in many parts of the world, and product inspections both prior to order placement and pre shipment inspections.
So, for example, if you are looking for product from China for use in any other part of the world, or vice versa, our trained quality auditors can inspect supplier facilities and procedures and processes to ensure your intended purchase will be fit for purpose and available when you need it.

We currently have auditor availability in Europe, North America, China & Hong Kong, The Middle East, West Africa, Indonesia and India. More regions are becoming available as required. Our skills cover a wide range of products and services including engineering machinery & equipment, medical devices, packaging, moldings, manufactured parts etc.

For suppliers in our regions, if your customer needs you to have ISO standards in place, our trained auditors can assess your compliance and offer solutions to ensure that your organisation are working to a specific standard’s requirements, followed by a certification audit accredited by a European Accreditation body, with all reports scrutinised by our UK based audit compliance team before certification is granted. Every certificate issued is produced and registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.