Event Sustainability Management: ISO 20121: 2012

Leading the charge at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, ISO management standard ISO 20121: 2012 clearly demonstrated its winning appeal.

ISO 20121 was created by the event industry with the intention of enabling any organisation to establish, implement, maintain and improve event sustainability management systems.

Improving planning and processes around events enables organisers to capitalize fully on all aspects, to arrive a truly positive outcome in terms of economic and environmental benefits.

Exploring key aspects such as energy consumption, impact on community and reduction of waste, Standard IS 20121 provides a framework for identifying the impact of events.

London 2012 Olympics that proved to be the catalyst for the new standard, with the management team utilizing existing venues wherever possible, only erecting temporary structures for the event where it was considered absolutely necessary, in a bid to save resources.

With all homes in the Olympic village connected to existing community heating systems, the Standard was a valuable tool for creating energy efficiency and generating cost savings at events.

Establishing methods to input sustainability into the event process at the outset is key, as is identifying your stakeholders and their main issues.

Standard ISO 20121: 2012 enables a strategic approach to event management, incorporating sustainability, and implementing the necessary systems and procedures that are energy efficient and serve the surrounding community.

Taking a collaborative approach to environmental responsibility around the staging of events encourages stakeholders, staff and contractors to conduct their work in a sustainable manner.

With this in mind, ISO 20121 creates standardization of sustainability issues, by recognizing the impact on the environment, economy and community in relation to an event.

Implementing IS 20121 enables events companies to identify efficiency savings, communicate effectively with stakeholders and work in alignment with clients and sponsor values. Increasing staff motivation, by encouraging creative innovative solutions also acts as a catalyst for increasing engagement.

When it comes to creating a truly memorable event that generates a lasting and valuable legacy, ISO 20121: 2012 has much to offer.