Doing Business in China

Earlier today I came across an interesting BBC news report that looked at doing business in China. It said; “… in the global race for growth, it is businesses who are prepared to play the long game that will win.”

The article in question looked at Stefano Pessina and how he tried to secure ‘Alliance Boots’ first deal in China. It took years of analysis and discussions followed by a further two and a half years to get it signed off by all the relevant Chinese authorities… Mr Pessina said some interesting things in this interview, useful information for ISO Certification Services and our own move into China.

He mentioned the Chinese think much longer term compared to those in the West, and he says they also tend to change their mind frequently. The following quote was also pretty interesting to read:

“When you approach China, you have to approach it with a mindset which is slightly different. You have to be prepared to live in a different world. You have to be even more flexible than you have to be when working in the Western world.”

Here at ISO Certification Services we understand it takes time to build long lasting business relationships, particularly in cultures that are different to our own. You can read the full article here