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Compliance Certification Options

As part of a compliance certification group, we offer support for companies around the world to ensure compliance certifications are both safe and deserved.

These certifications, for a variety of globally accepted standards; Quality, Health & safety, Environmental, Business Continuity, Information Security etc, are often required for successful tenders and customer confidence.

Our division, IS Certification Services Ltd, concentrate on the support element to ensure companies are deserving of accredited certification.

Within the group we also have an audit and certification body which carries out compliance audits and issues certification when the required standards are met.

Whilst we still provide visited audits, during these difficult pandemic times, we have developed an online auditing system to remove the obstacles bought about by close contact and travel, in the process, eliminating some travel costs. 

This online system includes:

• An electronic Audit Questionnaire sent by e-mail for your completion

• A follow-up Zoom or Microsoft Teams online meeting

• A sample of evidence file transfer of documents, customer feedback, or photographs etc to ensure accuracy of answers and information given.

In fact, the same information asked for by our auditor in a visited audit, but without the travel cost or health risks.

All of the above from one group offering all of the above PLUS, where still required, standard visited audits using our auditors stationed around the world.

11 February 2021

Have a question about ISO Certification?

Why not speak to a qualified auditor about your ISO Certification requirements, or visit our ISO Certification FAQ’s page