Building Resilience – Protecting your business from CoronaVirus or similar events

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management
Building Resilience – ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

It’s an obvious statement but major disasters, from pandemics or tsunamis, through to cyber attacks, can mean Plan A no longer works, causing supply-chain and similar logistical issues for your business. 

As an example, after the tsunami in Japan, some major well known corporations had to halt production and lay off staff for an extended period of time, until they could put alternative arrangements in place.

Which is why Plan B – which means building resilience through business continuity management – provides a vital comfort zone for both yours and your customers’ businesses, and why ISO 22301 Security & Resilience – Business Continuity Management can make a critical difference to your ongoing success. 

By bringing together best practice from around the world, ISO 22301 Security & Resilience – Business Continuity Management will help any organisation respond and adapt effectively to disruptions and, as an added benefit, may help you win huge orders from new customers, as happened to one of our major clients!

With this in mind, and to help with business continuity management during adverse trading environments, here’s your 5 Point Action Checklist:

IS Certification Services – 5 Point Action Checklist

Point 1. Understand the issues

Understand your business links with the adverse situation and identify any specific risks to your company and staff – update your business continuity plans as appropriate.

Point 2. Good communication

As soon as possible, to stop rumours or mistrust developing, ensure staff, customers and suppliers know your plans, how you’re protecting them and how this will affect them.

Point 3. Impact on suppliers

Identify impacts of disruption, for instance loss of supply or income to key suppliers, including longer term impacts, and ensure alternative sources are available if required

Point 4. Covering Risk

Have insurance policies in place and make sure they are appropriate to cover all the business’s needs

Point 5. Ongoing tracking

Keep abreast of government or international advice and keep staff and suppliers informed of any changes to your continuity planning

If you’d like to find out more about ISO 22301 Security & Resilience – Business Continuity Management, contact us for a no obligation discussion – click here to email – or if you’d like an ISO 22301 Security & Resilience – Business Continuity Management quote, click here

19 February 2020

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