Beware Fake ISO Standards Certificates

An ISO Standards certificate is a valuable asset to most companies, and should only be available to those who have earned the right to display it. Justly acquired, it should give customers of the holder the confidence they need to use the services of the holder with peace of mind.


Sadly, as with any valuable asset, some will try to copy them in order to make gains from the trust they should bring had they been earned properly. For this reason we feel it is important for those putting trust in holders of certification to be able to verify their authenticity. We have created a system whereby every legitimate certificate issued by our fully skilled audit team, and verified by our Scheme Manager or Principal Auditor is entered on to our online register, as is the web address entered on to each certificate issued to guide the viewer on how the confirm its genuine status.

You will need the name of the company shown on the certificate or the certificate registration number, then go to where you will find a box giving the option to enter name or registration number, when you have entered these details the response will show either further details of the certification or a message requesting that you contact IQS Audits if the certification is not found as this will indicate that the certificate was not created by the IQS audit body. Use of this system has shown fraudulent activity in both Central America and other regions around the world.

If you want the reassurance of using a company which has earned its ISO Standards certification, then go beyond looking at a certificate, check it is real.

It works, as can be seen by the two certifications above, one is real, one is a fake received by someone who took the trouble to check recently, I wonder how much money that 5 minute check has saved them?