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Auditing ISO Standards

We consider ourselves to be very lucky as auditors of standards, each year we meet up with thousands of fascinating people, at many hundreds of companies that perform amazing tasks, all this and in many interesting parts of the world, including some where you feel a tin hat is more appropriate than a laptop.

Just very recently I was invited to visit and audit the systems of a fairly new company based in Ireland, the land of beautiful peaceful countryside, the company is amazing, as an ex engineer myself I am always keen to see latest technology in operation, and this company certainly hit the button for that.

A tour of the facility left me stunned not only by the equipment, not only by the staff who seemed pleased to be there, but by the components they had to produce, pushing technology to the limits. Research and Design plays a large part in what they do, for medical device parts that can decide whether people live or die, experimental parts for the space station, parts that you look at with breath taking tolerances and wonder How did they do that??

Now I know, but I can’t tell, we are all governed by confidentiality, I was like a child in a candy shop! All I can say is that they ticked all the boxes for Quality, but they have to, no second chances if you are creating tools that drill holes in the skull without going too deep and damaging the brain, no popping up to the Space Station to put it right, it’s Right First Time for these people, the research, design, and thorough testing helps, as does the high tech equipment and high tech workforce, but also the first class communication demanded throughout the supply chain.

During the audit I witnessed everything from Research, testing, design, inspection, inspection again, high tech machine shop, clean room, Goods inwards, equipment assembly, Quarantine, all the things I would expect from an Aerospace / Medical devices company, plus 3D printing – not just the size of a teaspoon, not just talking static components, how about a fully operation gearbox? we’re also talking products the size of a table, probably not t your local furniture shop just yet.
I didn’t want to leave, I almost missed my flight home, can’t wait till next year’s audit.

We believe EnviroTek is a name to look out for.

4 September 2015

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