A new service from IS Certification Services

Those of our clients who year in year out receive a quality Accredited Standards audit and certification from us will continue to do so.

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Those organisations who we cannot reasonably get to, due to perhaps distant locality have been missing out on our service, but not any longer.

We, in line with our partners, have developed an online system of auditing that our accreditation body feels they can accredit, and therefore we are able to pass on the significant savings made by not having to travel in order to perform audits.

From now on, distant customers will have the option of saving travel time and expense by having online audits.

  • An MS Excel Questionnaire will be sent, depending on what standard or standards are being audited, the questions will be appropriate and as would be asked if the auditor was present. Where languages other than English are used, we will endeavour to translate them where we can.
  • The customer completes the questionnaire, during which pop ups will appear asking the customer to prove their response by sending attachments or scans of documents for inspection by our experienced auditor staff.
  • Once everything is received, the auditor will check the documents and evidence to assess whether, if they had been present, they would have passed the audit for certification, if they would, certification will be issued, if not, a response e-mail from the auditor will make comments to bring the requirements in line for compliance, which, once met would lead to certification.

There are limitations, we would not audit companies in this way if they have or use unsafe practices such as in the use of dangerous chemicals or equipment that can cause danger to life. We would not issue certifications for Health & Safety Standards, or those relating to food handling, processing, or the manufacturing or use of medical devices or treatments.

In order to find out more, send us your details, tell us where you are based, if we cannot get there at reasonable cost, or have a local auditor in your area, this may be your chance to achieve accredited certification at low cost.

We’re here to help you to make considerable savings.