A Competitive Edge with ISO Certification

Most companies are out to win business, for this we need a competitive edge over our competitors. We can try to persuade potential customers to give us a try, maybe with a discounted price or promo offer. We may offer feedback from other customers, or we may hold independent recognition through accredited standards. A bit like getting good results in an examination. Of course, different business types have different needs and goals.

Business Goals & Standards

The major inspection standards operational around the world are set by organisations such as the ISO and the BSEN bodies. Inspections are carried out by companies that have approval to inspect and issue certifications, for various standards such as Quality, Environmental Awareness, Health & Safety, Information Security and more…

All of the standards have laid down criteria that must be met on an annual basis in order to maintain their high standard certification through audits of systems and how they deal with unexpected situations (Corrective Actions).

It is comforting, and in some cases essential for a company to know that their suppliers have passed the test of compliance for the type of work they are being asked to carry out. This means they have had to pass annual audits, after which they receive accredited certification, and with that comes a competitive edge.

Companies claiming to hold compliance

Sadly, anyone can pick up a printer and create a certificate awarding themselves or others with certification passes. This is why it is essential that companies claiming to hold compliance are holding certificates from approved audit bodies. This means they themselves hold accreditations from accreditation bodies who, in turn, audit the auditors.

How much is ISO Certification?

The audits needed for accredited certification must be carried out by an accredited audit body, certification is issued depending on the audit result. The cost of an audit is decided by the audit body carrying out the audit. This will take into consideration your location, size of company, the standard type, and other factors determined by the nature of the business and its complexity.

ISO Certification Management

When we manage a company, whatever its style or product, as managers we believe we are doing the right thing for our customers and are encouraging them to come back to us as repeat customers. That is where giving confidence to our customers comes in, and where independently achieved certification comes in, and that is where WE CAN HELP. Why not visit our Guide to ISO Certification web page today!

Our Auditors are all fully qualified, offering many areas of expertise. Our team is built from previous business managers from a variety of business types. Everyone at IS Certification Services knows the meaning of the ISO term “Continual Improvement”. And, more importantly, how to pass that on to your team where needed.

Our aim is simple; your company compliance, your customer satisfaction and trust. This leading to your company success. Please visit our Get A Quote page to get started.

1 August 2022

Have a question about ISO Certification?

Why not speak to a qualified auditor about your ISO Certification requirements, or visit our ISO Certification FAQ’s page

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