ISO 17100:2015

ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

A difficult subject, especially when you can’t understand the language.

It needs translating but:

  • Can you rely on the translation made?
  • Has it been interpreted correctly? Sometimes translation can be a matter of life or death
  • Was it translated by a professional company that has been certificated by an accredited body?
  • Can I rely on the service given?
  • Do they have training in place to ensure accuracy?

Benefits of ISO 17100:2015

Your assurance comes with:

  • An accredited certification in place to show your company has the means and skills to ensure the translation is clear and precise

Implementation of the ISO 17100:2015

  • Translators will need to prove competence with either an appropriate degree or equivalent qualification or at least 5 years of experience
  • Revisers to ensure Translator compliance
  • Project Managers must have documented competence – either by formal or informal training
  • Regular updating of required competences to ensure continual improvement
  • Access to Technical resources to assist translation and the ability to share knowledge within the organisation
  • Good internal communication throughout the company

The Certification Process for ISO 17100:2015 will include

  • Assessment of translator (both in company and outside contractor) qualifications and competency
  • Demonstrate clearly documented process to ensure translator competency in the future – and regular maintenance to ensure training is updated
  • Show availability of technical resources to assist translators in the role
  • Display communication process between translator, reviser and project management teams

ISO 17100:2015 Support

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