BS 7984

BS 7984 Key Holding and Response Services

This British standard gives recommendations and guidance for the regulation of the Private Security Industry, including security guarding and key-holding, with regard to the management, staffing and operation of an organisation which provides key-holding and response services on a contracted basis.

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Benefits of BS 7984

  • Customer and stakeholder confidence that all measures of security are compliant
  • Risks which may affect business are known and controlled
  • Demonstration of compliance brings increased business opportunities
  • Control methods for safe key handling
  • Assistance to ensure keys are not copied

To implement the BS 7984, you should have:

  • A clearly defined management structure, which shows control and accountability
  • Financial resources, including insurance, appropriate for the business undertaken
  • Personnel screening
  • A clearly defined training policy, which includes ongoing training and retraining
  • Good internal and external communication
  • Secure documentation, regularly backed-up

The Certification Process for BS 7984 will include

For more information about the process of BS 7984 please contact us and one of our team will be happy to discuss the standard in more detail.