ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

The latest Quality Standard is far more user-friendly than its previous versions, making it easier and less time consuming to maintain. It is designed to offer organisations of all sizes and styles the chance to conform to the same standards of quality, and customer focus, that all our customers want. Quality Management is not just about compliance with a set of standards. It's about developing a competitive edge, opening up new markets and showing clients, customers, and employees your commitment to best practice. It's about stimulating a quality culture which will energise your entire organisation.

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Benefits of ISO 9001:2015

There are many reasons as to why an ISO Standard can benefit a company; today we are looking at the benefits of ISO 9001:2015. Ok, firstly ISO 9001 will allow you to become a more consistent competitor – Let me ask you this; is it time to shake up the marketplace?

  • Quality management is now integrated with the business strategies of your company
  • Customer needs are met through better quality management
  • A higher emphasis on leadership will motivate the whole organisation
  • Greater staff engagement and motivation improved with efficient internal processes
  • Money, time and resources saved with efficient working methods
  • Reduced errors and increased profits through an improvement in operational performance
  • A higher level of customer service resulting in an increase in high value customers
  • Demonstration of compliance will widen business opportunities
  • Emphasis on risk and opportunity management will contribute to continuing improvement

ISO 9001 also delivers improved management skills and a better quality service, helping you to meet and exceed customer expectations. ISO 9001 offers more efficient ways to work and can save both time and money, something every business would like to see – This will help increase company profits.

ISO 9001 will also assist in the motivation of staff, attract bigger clients, AKA bigger business, and increase new business opportunities by demonstrating ISO compliance. If you are looking for larger government contracts, for example the ISO 9001 Standard may be a necessity.

To implement the ISO 9001:2015, you need:

  • Senior management commitment and support
  • Good internal communication
  • Customer and supplier feedback
  • Shared responsibilities, roles and timescales
  • Regular reviews of ISO 9001:2015 to ensure continual improvement
  • Training and incentives to motivate personnel
  • The sharing of knowledge

The Certification Process for ISO 9001:2015 will include

  • Assessment
  • Build and use management system
  • Verification that procedures are followed
  • Document and analyse non-conformance
  • Completion to customers satisfaction
  • Audit

ISO 9001:2015 Support

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