BC 22301

BC 22301 Business Continuity

As a customer, you are doing well, doing everything right, lots of customers, busy staff.

A supplier lets you down:

  • no parts arriving,
  • delays to customers,
  • reputation in tatters,
  • staff on short time,
  • some leave, thus loss of key personnel,
  • can’t sell because you can only make part of the product,
  • cashflow ruined !!!

As a supplier:

  • natural disaster,
  • raw materials don’t arrive,
  • civil unrest in the supplier country,
  • can’t make anything without materials,
  • letting customers down,
  • orders withdrawn,
  • loss of cashflow,
  • trauma !!!

These events have happened with major companies around the world in the last few years, major household names were affected, one was out of action for 6 months.

Benefits of BC 22301

If you had the Business Continuity standard in place, what would be different??

  • Backup supplier in a different location,
  • move to plan B when plan A fails,
  • perhaps delays, but the job gets done
  • Or, for frequently used supplies,
  • kept at different locations,
  • in the event of catastrophe at one location,
  • switch to second location,
  • order replacement stock,
  • ensure the continuity plan is modified from what was learned.

Continual improvement, customer satisfaction assured, business booming.

Implementation of the BC 22301

  • Plan Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) policy – including objectives and processes to improve and mitigate both perceived and factored risks
  • Establish BCMS and communicate its objectives and business impact to the effected parts of the business
  • Monitor and review policy against objectives to determine possible improvements
  • Ensure that the BCMS continues to cover the objectives by improving the policy where required based upon frequent appraisal during the review procedure

The Certification Process for BC 22301 will include

  • Evidence that the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has been planned to take account of current and perceived risks to the business
  • Display a company plan with the Emergency Management Team (EMT) shown clearly who act upon and help communicate the BCMS to staff
  • Demonstrate that the BCMS is in place and staff are aware of the procedure and how it affects them

BC 22301 Support Service

As with all our certificate standards, we provide on-going support via email for the lifetime of the certificate. If you have a query regarding please feel free to email us at help@isocertificationservice.com