BC 22301:2012

BC 22301:2012 Business Continuity

As a customer, you are doing well, doing everything right, lots of customers, busy staff.

A supplier lets you down:

  • no parts arriving,
  • delays to customers,
  • reputation in tatters,
  • staff on short time,
  • some leave, thus loss of key personnel,
  • can’t sell because you can only make part of the product,
  • cashflow ruined !!!

As a supplier:

  • natural disaster,
  • raw materials don’t arrive,
  • civil unrest in the supplier country,
  • can’t make anything without materials,
  • letting customers down,
  • orders withdrawn,
  • loss of cashflow,
  • trauma !!!

These events have happened with major companies around the world in the last few years, major household names were affected, one was out of action for 6 months.

Benefits of BC 22301:2012

If you had the Business Continuity standard in place, what would be different??

  • Backup supplier in a different location,
  • move to plan B when plan A fails,
  • perhaps delays, but the job gets done
  • Or, for frequently used supplies,
  • kept at different locations,
  • in the event of catastrophe at one location,
  • switch to second location,
  • order replacement stock,
  • ensure the continuity plan is modified from what was learned.

Continual improvement, customer satisfaction assured, business booming.

Implementation of the BC 22301:2012

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The Certification Process for BC 22301:2012 will include

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